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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

T4T Posts and VoiceThreads to Share

Here are a variety of posts and VoiceThreads from our T4T classmates which are worth sharing and discussing!

Blog reflection examples:

Russell, Jennifer (section 62)
(great, thorough post and reflection following the rubric!)

Also from Jennifer
(great example of links to comments)

Smith, Laura
(great links to comments)

Dawn Weeks
(one of the best reflections to date!)

Brooke Switzer
(example of blogging impact!)

VoiceThreads to discuss:

Slutzky, Michael
(missing some links, but great overall)

Darden, Kayleigh
(some links to flickr profile instead of actual photo)

Ottinger, Lauren
(important to talk about copyright here, can't duplicate entire book for fair use)

Hanna, Christine
(Great use of images, text-only comments)

Seward, Felisha
(has me convinced to go on a cruise!)

section 63

Andrea Haynes

Rosado, Adrian
(great how-to, doesn't let public comments tho)

Richard Weeks
(great photos, might want to include "home grown media" or image tho)

Poole, Audra
(great documentation of pregnancy!)

Switzer, Brooke
(great story of summer program impact)

Levy, Darlene
(great story of Iraq deployment, needs title and description tho)