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Monday, June 25, 2007

Leadership/District support of school 2.0

In one to three sentences, describe how you think educational leaders on school boards, serving as superintendents, serving as principals, and serving as elected officials can best support an instructional vision of "school 2.0."


Blogger Melinda Miller said...

Sentence #1 = I stress out when I only have a set amount of sentences to write about! :)
Sentence #2 = Be informed - (I am not using a period because I don't want this to count as a sentence) Don't buy into the negative publicity.
Sentence #3 = Model! Model! Model! If you are an admin or central office person and you don't know ho to do this stuff, tell your IT guys/gals what you want to present on and let them help you with your presentation. We don't know everything even if those around us think we do!!!
Sorry so long!

8:20 PM

Blogger John Maklary said...

Administrators and the like need to be major players when it comes to advocacy of School 2.0 and be willing to stand up in front of teachers and/or stakeholders, be the choir, and preach to the congregation.

Professional development must also be a significant priority (that goes beyond School 2.0, but I digress). Proper staffing is also critical because in so many districts, people like myself are wearing many hats.

John Maklary

8:36 PM

Anonymous Kevin H said...

Administrator should come into the classroom on a regular basis and sit right next to students, asking questions: What are you doing and can you show me how to do what you are doing? They need to be open to new tools and not react to headlines of "Danger to all things Internet" while also balancing the safety of students. And administrators need to ask serious questions of teachers: why are you using this tool and what is the learning objective? (valid questions from their end).

Kevin Hodgson
Western Massachusetts Writing Project

3:55 AM

Anonymous Stephanie Sandifer said...

Leadership/District can support school 2.0 by...
...being open to change
...modelling use of new tech/methods in admin work (communication, productivity)
...opening dialogue about school 2.0 with all stakeholders (instead of just blocking or resisting use of tools)
...being present in classrooms and talking to students as they are learning
...building space for teachers to emerge as leaders of change from the classroom level (grassroots)
...being models, cheerleaders, and change agents

5:06 AM

Blogger Donna said...

-Talk to the students (at ALL grade levels) to understand the landscape of their personal learning and how that can relate to their formal education in the classroom.
-Be risk takers- One of the ways I have overcome some of my fear of failure is through my interaction/conversation online in forums, comments on blogs. Maybe our leaders can "ease" into exploring the possibilities in the same way?
-Individual personal/professional staff development with an aggregator. As simple as it sounds, the best staff development I've had this year has been the thought provoking reading from my Reader. It acts as a springboard for discussions about the future of our schools.

10:11 AM

Blogger whitec said...

Trust students, trust teachers, and let us make mistakes. We need TIME to do it correctly. We need staff development.

11:18 AM


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