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Monday, June 25, 2007

How can teachers support school 2.0?

In one to three sentences, describe how you think teachers can best support an instructional vision of "school 2.0?"


Blogger VC Rox said...

I think that before teachers can "support an instructional vision of school 2.0", they have to begin to use these tools for their own personal learning. Once they use them for their learning and see the value for themselves, then they can start to envision how these powerful tools can be used to support instruction.

Learn, Teach, then Lead...

Keep spreading the word,

8:08 PM

Blogger John Maklary said...

Personal experience can open the door for professional risk taking. I've known about Web 2.0 tools for some time but never really connected it to student learning until I, as a lifelong learner, began using it for my own collaborative professional development. The global conversations that I have with folks like Wesley can be used as a model for how we facilitate learning.

John Maklary

8:20 PM

Blogger Melinda Miller said...

Model the tools. Take the risk with your students. Many of the students will be able to trouble shoot for the teachers a anyway! (Made it in the 3 sentence limit. Just like a student aren't I.:):):):)

8:23 PM

Anonymous Kevin H said...

We can support this shift by first, exploring ourselves as a community of learners and determining what works for our students, and then working with parents and administrators to see the benefits. I think, too, as a whole, we teachers need to be doing more inquiry research and publishing findings about the benefits, instead of just using our gut reactions (as good as those are) to justify the shift.

Kevin Hodgson
Western Massachusetts Writing Project

3:51 AM

Anonymous Stephanie Sandifer said...

Teachers can support school 2.0 by...
...being a learner
...being a leader in emerging tech/methods
...being a facilitator of learning (not "sage on the stage")
...modelling effective practices (for students and colleagues)
...doing action research in their own classroom
...collaborating with administration to change structures (time, schedules, etc.) to facilitate the emergence of school 2.0

5:00 AM

Blogger Mario Asselin said...

Blogs can help but conversation is all about. A teacher can contribute by joining the conversations... to learn himself and make his students learning this way.

Wiki can help but collaboration is all about. A teacher can contribute by joining collaboration process... to learn himself and make his students learning this way.

5:11 AM

Blogger Donna said...

Be a learner. Make it personal first.

10:16 AM

Blogger Kelly said...

Teachers need to be willing to learn about new tools available to them. Then they need to be willing to take some new steps and perhaps even risks for their students.

11:04 AM


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